ADHD is quickly emerging as a prevalent mental disorder among children. It causes a child to be hyperactive and makes it difficult for him to pay attention for a long period of time. These traits are normally misunderstood by parents and teachers as a form of a disciplinary problem, leading to many ADHD-affected children never receiving any kind of help.

We aim to change this scenario by raising awareness about ADHD through our online portal, so that the stereotypical conclusions regarding hyperactivity and lack of attention are put to bed.

On ADDequate, you’ll find curated information about ADHD, its symptoms and treatments, ADHD self-help groups, ADHD treatment centres, etc. If you wish, you may also share your own story of coping with ADHD.


About Me


Kartikeya Goel

Being diagnosed with ADHD as a kid was a bitter pill to swallow for me. Luckily, I received some very good guidance from my friends and family that helped me neutralise the problem. Now, via ADDequate, I wish to positively impact the lives of the children who are in the same spot as I was some time ago.