Why I created ADDequate

When I was diagnosed with ADHD, it was like a thunderclap for me and my parents. From being just another restless kid, I suddenly became a mental disorder patient. It was a tough time in my life but, with the help of some really caring people, I learnt how to take control of my ADHD.

Acknowledging the prevalence of the disorder, I believe my story is just one of many, which are waiting to be shared. And being one of those who cope with ADHD effectively, I think I can help other kids do that as well. This is the reason why I have created a platform for kids to share their own account of living with the disorder with me. Through ADDequate, I intend to help and hopefully inspire them taking from the lessons I have learnt while living with ADHD.

4 Activities Conducted At Every ADHD Support Centre

ADHD Support Centres conduct a wide range of activities to amp up the minds of enrolled patients. Here are the four fundamental features shared by almost all of them:

  • Cognitive skill development exercise—to help train the mind for improved concentration and prolonged attention.



  • Awareness programmes—to raise awareness of ADHD, pronouncing facts and busting myths.



  • Workshops—to encourage participation and interaction among ADHD patients and improve their social skills.



  • Seminars—to impart an in-depth knowledge and widen horizons of understanding.




6 Activities Suggested For ADHD Kids


Martial arts like Karate, Taekwondo, and Judo help instill self-esteem in children. They also improve attention span, self-control, coordination, and other functional skills.




Outdoor sports are a great platform for exercising an ADHD patient’s hyperactivity. By playing outdoor games, the children are likely to grow in terms of self-esteem, competence, and fitness.

Individual sports, such as cycling and tennis, are suggested for kids who like being at the heart of the action throughout the game and don’t like waiting for their turn.
An inspiring figure who excelled at tennis in spite of her ADHD is Serena Williams.

Team sports, like baseball and basketball, can teach a child how to work harmoniously with others.
Many legendary basketball players including Michael Jordan and Earvin Johnson suffered from ADHD at some point in life.



Musical activities build focus, self-control, and soft skills in people with ADHD.
Justin Timberlake is a famous singer who suffers from ADHD.




Swimming helps a person relax and improves mood significantly. ADHD kids can highly benefit from these positive effects.
Olympics legend Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD as a child; swimming helped him curb its impact on his life.




Scouting involves a number of diverse activities for kids to partake in. These activities are focused on teaching life skills, building confidence, and self-esteem.




Board games enhance a child’s attention span, memory, anticipation, problem-solving skills, and decision-making skills.


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